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Secure your website FAST

Become 100% Google compliant within the next 30 minutes


If your website is not secure Google will absolutely penalize you. 
Without SSL security it's impossible to rank on the first page.

Website security is critical for the successful future of your business

How does this affect you?

Cybercrime is a rapidly growing issue, that has become commonplace. This includes identify theft, crypto-mining, stolen login and credit card details.

To stay in business, you must protect your visitors and your customers by making sure that your website is completely secure. 

Google is King and is leading the way to ensure all websites have security. 

Did you know... that since the 1st of July 2018, Google now displays a Not Secure warning on all websites without valid security. So, if your website says Not Secure, you will certainly lose customers to your competition.

Every moment you delay in getting this resolved could be costing you clients and business.

Get a SSL certificate today and enjoy higher rankings, a faster website  and more customers. 


Google security warning for non SSL secured websites

Secure your site and enjoy these benefits

Higher Google Ranking

Since July 1st, 2018 Google now highlights all sites without a security certificate as Dangerous or Insecure.

Faster Loading Speeds

Secure sites deliver content up to 334% faster than non secure sites.

More Online Sales

E-commerce sites are no longer able to make complete transactions without a verified security certificate (green padlock).

Higher Conversion Rates

Your visitors can be confident that all valuable data they send to you is secure this will resulting in more trust in your brand.

Reduced Bounce Rate

Don't let your sales suffer from something that can be quickly and easily fixed.

Provides Authentication

Because each SSL Certificate is domain specific, your customers will know that you are who you say you are.

Why choose Us? Because we go the extra mile for you.

The Extra Mile

We take care of EVERYTHING for you.

Installing an SSL certificate is only one part of the story. 

Often we find that sites have what's known as mixed content warnings. This means that only some of your assets (images, widgets etc) are being served from a secured site.

Included in our service is fixing all mixed content warnings for you. This service saves you hours and you don't have to learn to do it yourself.

Set and Forget

Our SSL installation is fully automated. 

Once your security certificate is in place it will keep your site safe without any further input from you.

No more expired security certificates and warnings from Google.

No more time consuming emails back and forth with your web developer.

No more hassles. 

It just keeps working for you.

Instant Trust Badge

Show your customers you care through being serious about their security.

As part of this package you will receive a special plugin that displays an SSL Secured badge, just like the green emblem you see on the bottom right hand corner of this site. 

All your visitors will be able to click on this icon and instantly confirm, through a third-party authentication service that your site is verified and secure.

Try it yourself. Go ahead and click the SSL Secured button now.

Don't wait to get hacked. Take control.
Save your money and time.

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