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What are the Benefits of SSL?

Accept money online

SSL allows you to safely receive payments and accept credit card information.

SSL has been made compulsory by the payment card industry. Obviously, having this certificate, gives you a big advantage over your competitors who do not have SSL.
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Faster loading time- especially on mobile

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The unsecured version of any website loads 334% slower than one HTTPS. 

We invite you to Go ahead and test the speed comparison on your own device.

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Encryption (Data Security)

Every single piece of information that passes through the SSL secure connection, is encrypted before being sent - and it's decrypted only when received safely at the other end.

If someone does manage to access the information en route, it is absolutely useless to them, as they are not able to read what it says.
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Provides Authentication

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Your SSL Certificate is specific to your domain and contains information associated directly with your domain.

This means that your visitors can be confident that you are who you say you are, and not an impostor wanting to obtain their confidential information.

Look More Professional

All professional websites already have implemented SSL on their website. 

Adding an SSL Certificate to your website automatically associates you with trustworthy business professionals and gives you much more credibility.
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