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What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer

It is a special communication protocol that protects your customer's information from being shared with unknown parties across the web.

SSL creates a secure connection between a person’s web browser and the server of the company they are interacting with.

This means that all communication between both parties is kept private, safe and secure and cannot be stolen or changed in transit.
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All the information that is passed through this secure connection is encrypted before being sent, and decrypted only when received on the other end.

If someone manages to access the information en route, it is useless to them because they cannot read what it says.
To enable SSL, a website needs to have an SSL Certificate. When your website has an SSL Certificate, your visitors will see a small green padlock displayed in front of your URL address. Your URL will also start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The S on the end stands for Secure

Depending on the internet browser your customer is using, there may also be a green bar and the word Secure in front of your domain name.
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Why is it crucial to have an SSL certificate on your website?

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Everyone knows that it is critical to secure any financial data.

However, even basic personal information such a person’s name, address, phone number and email address can be exploited and therefore, should be secured.

The fact is, these days, your website must be fully secured no matter how much or how little information you gather from your visitors.
Google Chrome (the most widely used browser in the world) highlights all websites with Not Secure in the address bar if the site is asking for any sensitive information (such as login information, financial information or other personal information) when the website does not have an SSL Certificate.
  • SECURE will be reserved for HTTPS websites with full SSL encryption.
  • Info / Not secure will mark basic website with no SSL.
  • Not Secure / Dangerous is reserved for websites with no SSL and with a history of collecting sensitive user data.
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Firefox displays a small padlock with a red diagonal slash through it.

NOTE : Soon, all websites without a visible SSL Certificate will be highlighted as unsecure just because they are not secure - regardless of whether they are collecting any user data or not.
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