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WordPress vulnerabilities

Why WP sites especially need security

If you have a WordPress website, you are more vulnerable to attacks by hackers.

Of the several million websites hacked each year, almost 75% of sites were built with WordPress

This is unsurprising due to the massive number of WordPress-based websites that exist and because every plugin that is installed is a potential access point for hackers to gain entrance.
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SSL Certificate is your first step to bulletproof security

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If you have a WordPress website, it's extra important that you have SSL installed as quickly as possible.

Protect yourself, your website and your customers from the costly devastation that is caused by a hacker who decides to target you.

Wordpress Pushes for 
Greater Security

On December 1, 2016, Matt Mullenweg (developer of Wordpress) announced that Wordpress is pushing for greater security measures for Wordpress sites.

Wordpress will also be limiting critical features (such as API authentication) to only those websites that have implemented an SSL Certificate.
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Implement SSL Now

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It makes good sense to implement SSL immediately so you can have the greatest possible advantage as you compete for customers, making SSL a 'no-brainer'.
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